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Blown-In Cellulose Insulation Tampa

By March 15, 2022No Comments

Tampa residents, consider blown-in cellulose insulation for your Tampa home from The Insulation Company. Blown-in insulation is ideal for both retrofit and new insulation installation. The Insulation Company is conveniently located in Oldsmar, FL, offering quick access to Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties, including the Gulf beaches outlining Tampa Bay.

blown-in cellulose insulationCellulose insulation is made from paper, often recycled newspaper. The paper is treated to be flame-retardant and has only caught fire in extreme cases. It is also treated to help prevent rot, decay and mildew – these issues will only develop after prolonged moisture exposure.

When compared to fiberglass insulation, cellulose is considered more environmentally friendly, as it is made with a minimum of 85% recycled material. Additionally, cellulose is not considered a pollutant if airborne, and it doesn’t use as much energy as fiberglass to produce. Cellulose insulation is also known for being a better insulator in cold climates because its R-value isn’t lost in extreme cold.

Here at The Insulation Company, we strive to be the best and provide quality work at all times! Our friendly estimators are standing by. Call today to get a personalized estimate for blown-in cellulose insulation in Tampa! You can reach us at (727) 457-1642 or by clicking here.