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How Effective Is Radiant Barrier Foil?

By January 13, 2022No Comments

Radiant barrier foil is made out of aluminum and has a lesser density than ordinary insulating material, which allows it to effectively prevent the transfer of heat inside your home.

The roof constantly reflects and absorbs radiation from the sun. About half of the radiation reaching the roof is reflected back into space, but the other half is absorbed by the roof, consequently heating up to the attic.

The shiny surface of radiant barrier works to prevent the radiant heat from being absorbed into the attic space. It reflects up to 97% of radiant heat energy!

In a warm and sunny climate, like here in Oldsmar, Florida, radiant barrier foil has been seen to reduce cooling costs by 5-10%. You will see the greatest differences during the summer. Additionally, the radiant barrier will be especially helpful if your roof gets significant direct sunlight, or you have ductwork in your attic.

radiant barrier foil

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