Anytime animals have turned your home’s attic into their shelter, nesting site, and breeding ground it is absolutely critical to have your attic professionally decontaminated. There are many different types of nuisance wildlife that will invade attic spaces, and each of them presents its own problems with damage and contamination. The one thing that any type of attic animal infestation has in common is that there will always be feces, urine, trash/debris, nesting materials, bacteria, and pheromones left behind by the animals after their removal.

This can have serious implications on the health of your home, attic, family, and pets if the issue is not addressed. At The Insulation Company, we take this part of our process very seriously and use the most advanced attic decontamination service practices in the industry.

Our baseline attic decontamination procedure starts with our attic treatment and attic cleansing service. This is where our crew will remove any nesting sites, trash/debris, and latrines throughout your attic’s contaminated insulation. Then, we will use a vacuum system to remove any rodent or animal feces from the hard surfaces of your attic. These areas typically include attic decking, HVAC handler, and storage areas.

Once these steps have been completed our team will then treat the entire attic space with our state-of-the-art three-phase attic fogging treatment. This three-phase attic decontamination fogging treatment is specifically designed to:

  1. Eliminate any harmful effects of the feces and urine breaking down.
  2. Eliminate the foul odors emitted by the urine and feces in your attic, as well as breakdown and purge your attic of the pheromones that attract the animal(s) back to your home.
  3. Eradicate any fleas, mites, and insects that the animals may have carried into your attic. The pests will then begin living in your attic insulation and can cause a whole new set of problems that we want to be sure to prevent.

In extreme cases of attic contamination caused by rats, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, and other nuisance wildlife, the removal of all existing and contaminated insulation is necessary before completing our 3-phase attic fogging treatment. In these occurrences, our team will provide a detailed breakdown of the exact reasons why insulation replacement is necessary. At The Insulation Company, we don’t do mediocre. We strive to create a healthy environment for your home, family, and pets and will make sure that your attic decontamination needs are tailor-made to suit the authentic level of decontamination your attic needs.

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