Homeowners, as well as contractors, rely on us to remove old insulation for home renovations or modifications. Another reasoning customers call us for insulation removal is to change their attic insulation from old-style fiberglass insulation, or cellulose, etc, to new updated insulation meeting the current R-value.

However, the most common reason for insulation removal in Austin is to clean up after critters have damaged the insulation within the attic space. Has your attic had an animal living within your space whether it was a bat, raccoon, squirrel, rat, or any other animal?

It is very important to understand the health risks the fecal matter left behind by these animals poses to you and the others within the living space. Any animal stool should be treated as hazardous waste.

Our team has developed a safe, effective procedure for removing fecal matter and soiled insulation from attics or crawlspaces. Using commercial insulation removal equipment we are able to remove all of the insulation in an attic WITHOUT any of it traveling through the living space of the home. Removal of Attic Insulation this way ensures that none of the dust, debris, or animal feces in the attic makes its way down into your house. This is the safest and most practical way to remove old insulation from an attic.

We are professionals at removing, decontaminating, and re-insulating attics or other spaces. We will remove all fecal matter, dead animals, and or nesting materials left behind. Once all debris is removed We follow with our biohazard fogging we fog the attic with a special enzyme-based cleaner which kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria, & parasites. It also destroys any organic matter such as urine or animal oils. (Fogging is not harmful to humans and pets.)

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