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Vapor Barrier Installation Now Available

By November 9, 2021No Comments

The Insulation Company is now offering vapor barrier installation!insulation company offers vapor barrier

Vapor barrier is used as a barrier for water vapor. This is necessary to prevent the diffusion or spreading of water vapor in walls, ceilings or floors. If vapor barrier isn’t present, water vapor could move through these fixtures and condense into water droplets on any cold surfaces, causing rotting in the long term.

Vapor barrier is an important addition to a mobile home, especially in Florida. Without a properly functioning vapor barrier, humid air can enter your mobile home through the floor and damage floors, promote mold growth and increasing your heating/cooling bills.

Here at The Insulation Company, we strive to be the best and provide quality work at all times! Our friendly estimators are standing by. Call today to get a personalized estimate for vapor barrier installation! You can reach us at (727) 457-1642, or by clicking here.